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Case Studies in Ethics and HIV Research

Case Studies in Ethics and HIV Research

Case Studies in Ethics and HIV Research

Researchers into HIV/AIDS face a gamut of ethical as well as scientific challenges. By viewing the gathering of data as a reciprocal activity between researchers, participants, and their communities, the expert contributors to Case Studies in Ethics and HIV Research bring these challenges to the fore. Studies from the United States and abroad depict the ongoing balance of risks and benefits while analyzing issues that range from confidentiality and informed consent to conducting studies with minority and other marginalized populations, from dealing with government and other funding agencies to ownership of findings. The book’s 25 collaborators offer readers new templates for devising and conducting studies that are valid, meaningful, and morally sound, with critical implications for all research involving human subjects.


Twelve case studies illuminate key ethical issues in HIV research and real-world approaches to addressing them, including:



- Recruiting and selecting study participants.


- Providing proper standards of care to control groups.


- Improving researcher safety in the field.


- Special issues in conducting research: activity-identified populations (e.g., IV drug users), children, cognitively-impaired persons, multiple sites.


- Community outreach in service evaluation.


- Training the new generation of researchers.


Improved study design and methodology, and improved outcomes for participants are important steps on the way to preventing and stopping the spread of AIDS. For professionals in public health research, the collective knowledge of Case Studies in Ethics and HIV Research will help to map out the road ahead.



Written for:

HIV researchers, health care and ancillary care providers that assist in HIV research; graduate level courses in public health, epidemiology, psychology, anthropology and social work



clinical trials, medical research, human subjects, human rights, AIDS, participatory health research, bioethics

Loue, Sana; Pike, Earl C. (Eds.)
46,95 €
Approx. 448 p., Hardcover